Former Labour council leader voting Lib Dem and delivering Lib Dem leaflets

The weekend brought news of three former MPs – two Conservative, one Labour – who are voting Liberal Democrat in the European Parliament elections.

Now there’s news of more converts, starting with Hull (home to the best Labour leaflet ever):

Former Labour city council leader Colin Inglis will vote Liberal Democrat in this week’s European elections.

A committed Remainer, Mr Inglis recently quit Labour in protest at the party leadership’s stance over Brexit.

Now he’s openly backing the Lib Dems ahead of Thursday’s vote – and even delivering their election leaflets. [Hull Daily Mail]

Along with:

After nearly 30 years as a Labour activist and the last few as a Labour councillor, I have with a heavy heart decided I will be voting for the Liberal Democrats…

I believe that only a vote for Liberal Democrats can stop the Brexit Party winning two seats in the northeast. As a lifelong Labour voter, this is hard to admit but the Labour leadership only has itself to blame for this. I am aware that many of my former Labour colleagues are joining me in voting tactically for the Liberal Democrats on Thursday. [David Hardman in The Independent]



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