An unexpected revelation from Lib Dem leader Vince Cable

Unexpected news from party leader Vince Cable at the Liberal Democrat rally tonight for the European elections:

Vince Cable wasn’t the only speaker, of course:

Also present was one of the former Labour and Conservative MPs who are now backing the Liberal Democrats:

One of the major reasons for Labour figures now backing the Lib Dems is, of course, Jeremy Corbyn’s record on Brexit and Europe:

Good also to see Ben Goldacre leaning towards the Liberal Democrats:

One response to “An unexpected revelation from Lib Dem leader Vince Cable”

  1. Latest endorsement, voting Lib Dem on Thursday, Michael Cashman, joint founder of Stonewall, former Lab MEP, and current Lab Peer (unless he is now expelled, ha ha )
    And our sister Alliance Party in NI on course for MEP 🙂

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