Vince Cable backs LGBT lessons in Birmingham schools dispute

Good to see this from Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable:

Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable … came down firmly on the side of Birmingham schools that have been targeted by protesters opposed to lessons which portray LGBT people in a positive way, on the eve of a visit to the city.

Speaking to Birmingham Live, Sir Vince said: “I want to show respect to the Muslim and Christian and other religions.

“But we’ve been absolutely clear that you can’t have a national curriculum that encourages prejudice or discrimination against members of the community.

“The idea that you shouldn’t have sex education in schools, or you shouldn’t include reference to gays, that argument was won a long time ago and we shouldn’t backtrack on it…

“We do want state schools, in fact all schools, to have a national curriculum which does include sex education and includes recognition of gay people.” [Birmingham Mail]

One response to “Vince Cable backs LGBT lessons in Birmingham schools dispute”

  1. Being crystal clear in decisions , short and decisive shows leadership to others and the gaining of respect and support. Look at our rise on our stance on Brexit.

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