No, this is not a fake. Yes, the Lib Dems are top in the last opinion poll

This is really the front page from Friday’s Times featuring the first post-European elections general election voting intention poll. It puts the Liberal Democrats up massively to 24%… and in first place.

The Times front page with YouGov poll putting the Liberal Democrats first

It is, of course, only one poll but one that falls into the ‘dramatic enough yet also plausible enough to be worth attention’ category. Plausible in that it both continues the rising Lib Dem poll ratings of the last few weeks and also because a dramatic Lib Dem (or Alliance or Liberal before that) election win in the past has often been followed by a polls surge.

Some of those surges have come and gone very quickly. Others have helped reshape the landscape for British politics for varying lengths of time. It is going to be exciting to find out which one this is.

Labour certainly seems to be doing its best to ensure it is the latter:

Meanwhile, the celebrations for the Liberal Democrats can last just that bit longer after the Euros:

Finally, and perhaps most importantly: all this has only happened because of the hard work of so many volunteers and staff. You’ve been crucial to making this happen. Thank you.

Mark Pack Twitter thread about how hard work of supporters created the run of success


6 responses to “No, this is not a fake. Yes, the Lib Dems are top in the last opinion poll”

  1. Change UK: ‘We’re going to shake up British politics’
    Lib Dems: hold my beer …
    Priceless reminder that we Britons take our politics seriously, but wit and satire can be ruthless and effective weapons

  2. Great to have lead on this opinion poll. How can we translate this into seats under FPTP in next GE? Mark, could you produce a heat-map of seats where LD have greatest chance (smallest % swings required and reflecting latest Euro election results)? Could we take our leadership contest to these parts of the country, for example series of debates, with local and national media coverage? Use our leadership election not only to select new leader yet also in the process engage key constituents!

  3. Corbyn is not the only reason anymore than the Tory fighting is. We have been consistent with our message.
    How superb it would be to see a GE with us as the largest party.
    Boot on other foot springs to mind.

  4. Not quite certain what is more spectacular (Times front page) – Stokes’ catch or the Lib Dems leading the polls. Whichever you place first, they are both remarkable.

  5. this is a stunning achievement, especially in a climate where public opinion is led by a eurosceptic press who rarely give adequate reporting of the Liberal Democrats. We really should have the big yellow bus out across the country throughout the summer.

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