Caroline Voaden on her first day in the European Parliament

Many of the new Liberal Democrat MEPs have been sharing on social media the first steps in taking up their new roles. Caroline Voaden, from the South West, has also done this little video:

6 responses to “Caroline Voaden on her first day in the European Parliament”

  1. Well done! I look forward to Caroline’s updates. I voted Lib Dem, West Midlands and I now live in France. I sincerely hope that Article 50 is revoked and people like Caroline represent the country at the EU parliament. Good luck, Caroline.

  2. Your message cheered me up no end. Thank you for that and for representing us Remainers in the EU. We have little representation in the UK. Spread the word – we who believe in democracy will never accept the result of the tarnished 2016 referendum and will always be Europeans.

  3. Words failed me when I saw the disrespect shown by the Brexit party members, I wonder if they will all turn dow their salaries as well, likely not. Thank you for representing me and my values for all to see. The battle is not over yet. Keep it going, Caroline xx

  4. Well done Caroline! We so need voices of honesty and reason to represent the UK in Europe.

  5. Thank you Caroline for being one of the voices of dignity and reason representing us in the South West. I’m at the Way with Words Festival in Dartington and heard an interesting talk yesterday on Thuringia (the part of Europe between France and Germany stretching from the Netherlands to Italy). We heard about this area being the site of constant war since the 800’s AD when the Charlemagne empire broke into three. We have had peace in this region since the end of WW2 and the formation of the EU – the major centres of which are all in Thuringia (Brussels and Strasbourg) both cities who have changed hands in many European wars.
    It is good to be reminded that the EU is not just about economics. It’s about peace, being a stronger force for justice, a safer place, and being more creative and inventive by collaborating, making friends and sharing our regions unique diversity of people, cultures, art, architecture, geography and science. There is no region in the world like it. My European home.

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