Geoffrey Seeff selected by Liberal Democrats for Chingford and Woodford Green

Members of the Liberal Democrats in Redbridge and Waltham Forest have selected Dr Geoffrey Seeff as their Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) for the Chingford and Woodford Green constituency, where Iain Duncan Smith is the current MP.

Speaking to party members after his selection, Geoff Seeff reminded them that Chingford and Woodford Green voted to remain in Europe in 2016:

The nation has been polarised and Parliament paralysed since the ill-conceived and mismanaged referendum took place. Sadly, in the ensuing debate on the outcome, people have lost sight of the vision and values that inspired the founding of the European Union – raising the standard of living of the citizens of all member states and eliminating forever the prospect of war between them…

Many authorities, including Government departments charged with assessing the impacts, predict that there would be economic chaos and carnage if the UK walked away from our commitments to our European partners without a deal, as threatened by most of the Tory leadership contenders…

The Tory party is in complete meltdown, with more positions on Brexit than the Karma Sutra. When a former Deputy Prime Minister votes Lib Dem, a former cabinet minister foretells his party’s extinction and former senior figures join other parties, you know they are in deep trouble. Iain Duncan Smith would recklessly take the UK over the precipice of no deal but constituents realise that it would be they who would suffer the consequences and not him.

The pseudo-marxist ideology of Jeremy Corbyn does not sit well with the residents of Chingford and Woodford Green and the only reason that Labour polled strongly in 2017 was that voters erroneously thought the party would strongly oppose Brexit – how disappointed they have been. They won’t make that mistake again.

There’s a full list of Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate selections so far here, and some starter advice for the newly selected here.

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2 responses to “Geoffrey Seeff selected by Liberal Democrats for Chingford and Woodford Green”

  1. Chingford & Woodford Green did not vote to remain.

    Waltham Forest wards voted Leave by a majority exceeding 2,400. The two Redbridge wards were not counted searately, but tallies at the verification stage of the count suggested they were 50/50 leave/remain.

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