Chuka Umunna takes up his first Liberal Democrat role

A quick update on new Liberal Democrat member, Chuka Umunna, who now has his first role in the party:

Vince has asked me to lead on treasury and business issues in the House of Commons, pending the election of our new leader who will no doubt appoint their own team.

I will dive straight in and get on with that in addition to, of course, continuing to serve my constituents in Streatham.

In the hours after the announcement of his switch, around 800 further people joined the Liberal Democrats as members or registered supporters.

Of course, not all his former Labour colleagues have reacted well to Chuka Umunna’s switch. Which means we’ve also seen once again one of the weirdest sights in politics:

5 responses to “Chuka Umunna takes up his first Liberal Democrat role”

  1. Has our membership passed the membership figures of the Conservative Party(rapidly going in the opposite direction)?
    Chuka has at last found the party he should have been in all along, more will be following..
    though I am concerned at what subterfuge Boris Johnson is alluding to when he says he is going to snuff-out our oxygen.. the words of a true democrat!

  2. Presumably when the Tory members vote for their new leader we will get some idea of how many there actually are? Or is that one reason why the Tories will try and go for a no-vote coronation?

  3. Chuka should have been in LibDem’s long ago and let’s hope this is his last move as he can be a great asset to the party. It only takes one to move across for other disgruntled MP’s to follow, and let’s hope that when the a certain clown takes the helm of the Tory party some of those who have said they would go in such an outcome are true to their word. Only when a number of Tories join Chuka will the tectonic plates of politics really move in our favour.

    • It would appear that the current feeling in the Tory ranks is that Hunt would make the better PM but Boris would be more popular with the electorate. However, either woud be a disaster for UK. as far as UK goes Brexit Breaksit!

  4. As shadow Chancellor Chuka should be aware that to fix the housing crisis we need to build an extra 100,000 houses a year for five years in new towns or estates attached to existing towns.
    Both of these conventional developments require an inner roads network to be built before house construction can begin and this is very expensive at £3 billion for a small town of 12,500 homes pro rata for estates. For 100,000 new homes this cost is £24 billion and must come from The Chancellor. The five year build for the inner roads is £120 billion which is not possible.
    The only sensible solution is to build zero carbon towns and villages that have no inner roads and hence no cost to The Exchequer.
    Click on link for details https://bit.ly/2SsgqBm

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