Victoria Charleston selected by Liberal Democrats for Salisbury

Victoria Charleston and Salisbury Liberal Democrats

Selections news from Salisbury Liberal Democrats:

We’ve selected our next Parliamentary Candidate!

We are delighted to share with you the news that at today’s hustings Victoria Charleston was selected as Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Salisbury.

We have a candidate that brings an energy and enthusiasm that is infectious and inspiring, her experiences of working in Parliament and for a national charity will prove invaluable in the coming months.

The current political landscape is as uncertain as I have ever seen, we have leaders of both Labour and the Conservatives more concerned with playing to their own internal minorities than the good of the country.

A general election could be weeks away and the Liberal Democrats are in the ascendence. We have a better chance of returning a Liberal Democrat MP than at almost any time since 1923 but it will require us all to step up.

Writings about her political views, Victoria Charleston said:

I believe fundamentally in a person’s ability to make judgements about their own lives and defend their right to be able to do so. Too many people in our society are constrained by the inequality within our systems to reach their full potential, whether this is in lack of access to decent jobs, affordable housing, or a weak pound affecting household budgets.

​I am passionate about speaking up and speaking out on behalf of those who struggle to be heard. My career to date has focussed on supporting vulnerable people and enabling them to live their best possible lives. It is why I worked in Westminster to change laws around housing tenants’ rights to legal protections, and why I campaigned for greater protection for stalking victims through the Stalking Protection Act 2019.

​The Liberal Democrats made great strides during the coalition government to work towards a more equal society, but this is being eroded by the Conservatives. As your candidate, I will continue to work for all people to have an equal stake in our society, secure jobs, and decent housing…

Working in sustainability, I saw first-hand the threat climate change is having, and will have, both at home and abroad. I worked specifically on changes to renewable energy tariffs, fuel poverty and behaviour change, lobbying government officials and the Chair for the Committee on Climate Change to ensure the best deal for sustainable businesses, the least well-off and our environment.

We are running out of time to make the changes needed to avoid climate disaster. The UK must take climate change seriously and this means having a longer-term vision than most politicians tend to.

​As Salisbury’s strong voice, I will continue to fight for action on air pollution, better investment in renewable technologies, reduction in plastic pollution, and the highest energy standards for all buildings.

There’s a full list of Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate selections so far here, and some starter advice for the newly selected here.

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