A grab bag of cross-party news

Following Plaid’s talk of a possible cross-party Remain deal for the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election, we now have news from the Greens deciding not to stand against Lib Dem Jane Dodds:

The Renew Party is also going to be backing Jane Dodds and the Liberal Democrats:

In the spirit of cooperation, we will campaign for the agreed Liberal Democrat candidate on a shared platform of remaining in the European Union and radical electoral reform.

In other cross-party news, Heidi Allen isn’t planning on joining the Liberal Democrats:

And in news of her former colleague who has now joined the Liberal Democrats:

(An explanation of what MiniVAN is can be found here.)

2 responses to “A grab bag of cross-party news”

  1. It’s good to see a Remain Alliance could be on the cards in Brecon and Radnor. The question is will the Brexit Party stand against the Tory candidate and thus split the vote?Not putting up a Brexit Party candidate won’t look good for Farage, but at the same time the Tory candidate probably wants to try to retain the seat as a way of clearing his name.
    Normally I don’t like seeing parties stand down because it denies the electorate a choice, but with the Brexit issue being so important for now I feel it’s justified. A few years down the line, with Brexit I hope a forgotten memory, we could concentrate on electoral reform.

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