There are two Liberal MPs in my family – Chuka Umunna

As a fundraiser for Siobhan Benita, new Liberal Democrat MP Chuka Umunna talked about joining the party, including how in fact the Lib Dems were the first party he joined:

2 responses to “There are two Liberal MPs in my family – Chuka Umunna”

  1. I did the research and wrote the article in which it was explained about the Liberal mps Samuel Morley, then from that , also, his son, Arnold Morley! Did I actually reveal it to our new friend, colleague, Chuka?! I would have thought he had already known, but perhaps that isn’t so?

    See the article on Liberal Democrat Voice, “Why Chuka joining the Lib Dems is good for him, the Lib Dems and our country!”

    If you go to the link I shall put below, you can see the place Samuel Morley has in the background of a very liberal project I am trying to develop http://www.tomscabinthemanofhumanity.com

  2. three rules to being a Liberal Democrat:
    1) you must be liberal
    2) you must be a democrat
    3) every event must have a raffle.!

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