An excellent green idea from Halifax Liberal Democrats

Love this idea from Cllr James Baker and Halifax Liberal Democrats to help our environment while not losing that key element in a democracy – elected representatives communicating with those who elect them:

James Bakter tweet about tree planting

(If you’re wondering why anything much non-electronic is required these days, remember that massively widespread though internet access is, not everyone has it, and also the points I previously made here.)

Hat-tip: Sean Bamforth.

UPDATE: Telford Liberal Democrats are doing something similar.

3 responses to “An excellent green idea from Halifax Liberal Democrats”

  1. some of us who do have internet access still prefer to print things off so that they can read them, consider them, annotate them, and compare them ..
    But the skill with Focus design is that, although it is essentially ‘advertising’, it has to look distinctive, interesting and informative, so that it stands out from the junk mail. And whilst Labour and Cons are doing the same, we have to be ‘out in front'(Charles Kennedy).

  2. Great idea. Perhaps you could find a piece of waste ground and plant fruit trees on it to create a community orchard.

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