Why I’m not covering Nick Cohen’s piece spilling the details of Remain Alliance plans

Given all my previous coverage of how a Remain Alliance could work and why Liberal Democrats should welcome Heidi Allen’s latest moves, you might expect me to have something say regarding the details Nick Cohen’s reported inΒ The Spectator of these plans.

I don’t, or at least not beyond simply to say that nearly all the details in his piece are, at least according to my own information, wrong. There are talks progressing and they are likely to result in agreements of some sort. Beyond that, however, his piece seems to be very speculative and often inaccurate.

More coverage when there’s more accurate news to cover.

P.S. The official Lib Dem response to the piece is:

These reports cited by Nick Cohen are inaccurate in many ways. As the strongest remain party we are committed to stopping Brexit and are actively talking to those in other parties, and none, to achieve this.



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