Liberal Democrats overtake Labour in Shropshire by-election

Adam Fejfer campaigning in Shropshire - image courtesy of his Twitter account
Only the one council by-election this week, over in Shropshire.

Meole, Shropshire

Adam Fejfer leaflet for Meole council by-election
Adam Fejfer stood for the Liberal Democrats in this Conservative seat and very much turned it into one the party can win in the future:

These by-election results round-ups cover principal authority by-elections. See my post The danger in celebrating parish and town council wins for your own party for the reasons to avoid straying too often into covering town, parish or community council by-elections.

4 responses to “Liberal Democrats overtake Labour in Shropshire by-election”

  1. I’m keen to know what other LDs think about Corbyn’s proposals about supporting an interim government led by him following a successful vote of no confidence. My sense is that Jo Swinson has responded too swiftly and too negatively to this. It may, in the end, be the only route we have of stopping a no deal Brexit and even moving to a referendum. True, it’s a risk – Johnson in any General Election could brand the LDs covert Corbynistas and frighten moderate Tory voters from supporting us. But some would deem that a party-political matter and say that the national interest should come first. The logic of such a claim may not be overwhelming. The capacity of the LDs to take seats from the Tories in the south east, south west and elsewhere may be a key to denying them power (if they gain power everything re. the EU from a Remain perspective is lost), and allowing some kind of unity government to be formed post an election. But that may be too late to prevent a no deal Brexit. The question is a complex one, I appreciate, but I feel that Swinson has responded with a speed and an assuredness which is not justified by the circumstances.

  2. James, it is usual the spin of the media(and selective editing)which makes it sound negative, she was quite clear that she supports the proposal, but that with Corbyn as potential PM it was bound to fail.. she was, to spin it the other way, being a critical friend, as her follow-up letter to JC made clear.
    What Jo is doing is aiming to carve a clear identity for the Liberal Democrats in the public perception, and she will not do that by saying ‘ok Jeremy I will follow you’.. if she did then the Tories would quickly label us as Labour’s poodle. We cannot afford that ..

  3. I agree with what Peter has said, but more than that, any kind of support shown for JC as the countries Leader even temporarily would be a loser with voters overall.

  4. Peter is spot on with his reply. No one can give Corbyn any credit for the way he has dithered and dallied. If he was in any way a leader Brexit would have been history months ago.

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