Linda Johnson selected by the Liberal Democrats for Haltemprice and Howden

Haltemprice and Howden constituency has a newly selected Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC): Linda Johnson.

The local paper reports:

Her selection in a seat which Tory MP David Davis comfortably retained in 2017 comes as speculation continues to mount over the prospect of a snap general election later this year.

She said: “I am delighted that local Lib Dem members have put their trust in me, and I look forward to campaigning with them against the sitting Conservative MP.

“The next general election will almost certainly be fought just on Brexit. However, the country faces much bigger challenges like climate change, the NHS, education and social care, which are being constantly pushed into the background.” [Hull Daily Mail]

Amongst her impressive CV is her scientific and health expertise:

I have a background in science, having trained as a Biomedical Scientist in the NHS, moving into the pharmaceutical industry whilst in my twenties and rising to the rank of Commercial Director (also with responsibility for Government Affairs and Supply Chain) and General Manager for Ireland. I have been involved with Government and NHS working parties looking at the supply and distribution of medicines as well as testing, packaging, medicines information, bar-coding and procurement. I studied locally for most of my academic qualifications (HNC, degree and masters) whilst working full time and am now a Governor at East Riding College. I want to ensure everyone has access to educational opportunities so they can achieve their full potential. Without people believing in me and encouraging me to achieve more, I would not be able to give back to the community.

There’s a full list of Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate selections so far here, and some starter advice for the newly selected here.

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One response to “Linda Johnson selected by the Liberal Democrats for Haltemprice and Howden”

  1. We should never have stood aside in the 2008 vanity by-election, effectively allowing David Davis to own the anti-ID cards issue over which he was claiming to stand down. He is from the authoritarian right, no way is he a natural supporter of civil liberties, and we should not have allowed him to pose as such. It was like if we had stood aside for Zac Goldsmith in Richmond Park.
    Anyway good luck Linda, would be great to kick out David Davis.

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