Gearing up for a likely 2019 general election

I’ve talked before about how the Liberal Democrats are gearing up for a likely 2019 general election. I’m also readying my own plans for how best to support the party during such a contest, including improvements and expansion to my suite of email lists to keep people informed.

I’ve also got plans for some brand new campaign guides, designed to help newer party members and supporters in particular get stuck into campaigning for the party.

All of which means that traffic to this site and on my email lists (1.9 million emails sent in the last year!) is likely to grow. Which will also up the costs of running them…

So if you could sign up to a small regular donation to help cover those costs, that would be fabulous. You can sign up via direct debit / debit card or PayPal here. (Also includes details for a one-off donation by cheque.)

And if you’re one of those who have already done so: thank you, it’s massively appreciated.

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