How to get a replacement Liberal Democrat membership card

Selection of Liberal Democrat membership card designs

Some of the membership card designs available.

Lost your Liberal Democrat membership card? Damaged it when making it double up as a cake knife? Lost it in a machine when you confused it with a train ticket?

No problem.

You can order a replacement membership card online, including choosing from a range of different designs, at:


(And if you’re interested enough in the party to want a replacement membership card, can I also suggest the audio history of the party from the Liberal Democrat History Group?)

6 responses to “How to get a replacement Liberal Democrat membership card”

  1. Hi,
    There is a chance to have a membership card just with Liberal Democrats Logo?

    Thank you

  2. I guess the one I ordered last August isn’t going to arrive, so I might as well have another go.

  3. None of those images really inspire me.

    In the future could there be a range of more artistic cards. Even abstract. Something that makes one think.

  4. I wish mine was sturdy enough to act in any of the alternative ways that you suggest! It dates from the 1980’s and was disappointingly flimsy when new, so I might just ask for a new one, thanks for the prompt.

  5. I think I will wait until someone has found some more inspirational photos. The Jane Dodds and Charles Kennedy shots are the only ones that are any good; Kirsty looks annoyed and Paddy looks distracted. The poses chosen need to be the ones where the subject engages with the viewer of the card; a great idea but needs work..

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