Jo Swinson confirms: serious talks on election pacts with Plaid

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Photo copyright John Russell.

The BBC reports:

The Liberal Democrats are “seriously in discussions” with Plaid Cymru to agree a pact at the next general election, Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson has said…

Asked how that was progressing, Ms Swinson told BBC Sunday Politics Wales: “There are constructive discussions underway…but those discussions will take their course and announcements will be made as that happens.”

This follows, of course, Plaid’s decision to stand down in the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election and instead to back Lib Dem Jane Dodds.

There is much more to successful political pacts than talking about who won’t stand where, but such talks are part of the mix. They’re especially relevant as the long-run average of the combined Conservative, Ukip and Brexit Party vote shares since the 2017 election is the mid-40s. If that is a combined block facing fractured opposition, that’s enough to give a landslide. But if it isn’t combined and faces a more organised opposition, it could go down to crushing defeat.

Expect more news on this front as the general election nears.


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One response to “Jo Swinson confirms: serious talks on election pacts with Plaid”

  1. Mark, good morning

    the Remain alliance at the B and R by-election marked us out as anti-Leave voter and alienated our previous Euro-sceptic support in the constituency, and almost certainly reduced our overall percentage score. Compare our score to previous winning elections there.

    After all, Plaid and Green had scant support in the first place in B and R.

    Where is Plaid standing down going to actually help us?

    Not in Montgomeryshire, not in Cardiff Central, where they have scant support.

    And in any case, I doubt Plaid voters will break preferentially to us over Labour or Green (or maybe even Brexit Party).

    And then again, are we now implying Lib Dem voters in constituencies in which we stand down should vote for a party that favours the break up of the UK? Are we no longer a Unionist party?

    This is a politically problematic initiative with no psephological positives for us.

    Though of course, if they’re kind enough to stand down in Ceredigion, we’ll take that…….

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