Sarah Wollaston confirmed as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Totnes

Totnes Liberal Democrats today confirmed that Sarah Wollaston MP, who recently joined the Liberal Democrats, will stand in her constituency for the party:

Alan Kerr, Chair of South Hams Liberal Democrats, today confirmed that Dr Sarah Wollaston will be the Lib Dem candidate for Totnes constituency in the event of an early General Election:

“The party is in full general election mode and we are completing our preparations for an all-out campaign to retain this crucial seat …

“Sarah Wollaston has an excellent track record as a hard-working and independently-minded MP who is prepared to stand up to the Government on behalf of her constituents when that is needed. She is prepared to read the evidence and act in the national interest rather than follow narrow Party interest. She is prepared to stand up for the rural and coastal communities which she is privileged to represent and which are most at risk from the policies of this narrowly ideological Government.

“As our candidate for Totnes constituency, she will set out the Lib Dem alternatives to the misconceived policies of the Conservatives.

“The Government is obsessed by an all-or-nothing, do-or-die pursuit of an extreme Brexit that nobody voted for and for which it has no mandate. It is incapable of tackling all the other issues – our social care crisis, NHS, our housing crisis, the gig economy and rural poverty – that confront the residents of the South Hams, and Brixham and Paignton every day. We will campaign to end Brexit and get on with addressing the very real issues our citizens face.”

There’s a full list of Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate selections so far here, and some starter advice for the newly selected here.

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One response to “Sarah Wollaston confirmed as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Totnes”

  1. Whilst I welcome all the defecting MPs, I am rather concerned that the position of any existing PPC should be considered fully. Whilst the sitting MP has a % vote advantage(especially if supporters from the old party continue to support) the incumbent PPC should not just be sidelined.. This is where the Regional Party must make sensitive arrangements to ensure that the value of a good PPC is not lost, and can be accommodated in a nearby seat with equal potential.

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