New YouGov polling shows Lib Dem message on Brexit is getting through

I’ve often commented on how Lib Dems need to keep on bashing away at communicating the party’s stance about Brexit because, given the limited attention most people give to politics, we’re a long way still from ‘everyone’ knowing where the party stands.

Good news though, and a sign of why such persistent is rewarding, comes with the latest YouGov polling. There’s still a good way to go, but the party is getting there. The proportion of people who say the party is anti-Brexit has risen from 53% to 70%:

YouGov polling showing how more people now think the Lib Dems are anti-Brexit

A key breakdown from these figures is the percentage of Remain voters who think each party is anti-Brexit:

  • Lib Dems: 80%
  • Labour: 33%

All hail the 3% who think the Brexit Party is anti-Brexit.


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5 responses to “New YouGov polling shows Lib Dem message on Brexit is getting through”

  1. Interesting to see how these results come out in the opinion polls for voting intentions.
    Are BP going round possible winning constituencies for them in their meetings?
    Are they doing secret deals with the Tories in individual seats to unseat remainers?
    Are they doing secret deals to support individual Tory Brexiteers?
    Any way of finding out?

  2. I welcome Chuka Umunna’s clear explanation of the Lib Dem position on the immediate way forward, particularly the impracticability of pursuing a plan to install Jeremy Corbyn as an interim PM. As Chuka says, none of the Tory “rebels” will do anything to facilitate such a plan. In other words this is nothing to do with Jo Swinson or her colleagues having personal antipathy towards Corbyn but rather the need to ensure a motion of no confidence succeeds. However the media are still not getting this message and more must be done to get across the reality of the Lib Dem position.

    I think the implacable opposition of the Tory rebels to Corbyn is so strong that they may well be reluctant to vote for a motion of no confidence which even leaves open the possibility of a Corbyn premiership. This could be solved by including the name of the acceptable person in the motion itself. This would also have the huge advantage of removing any controversy as to who the Queen should invite to form a government.

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