Renew Party backs Chuka Umunna in Cities of London and Westminster

Following the weekend’s news from Beaconsfield comes another piece of the emerging cross-party cooperation amongst Remainers ahead of the next general election.

This time it involves the Renew Party and Chuka Umunna:
Tweet from Chuka Umunna announcing backing from the Renew Party

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3 responses to “Renew Party backs Chuka Umunna in Cities of London and Westminster”

  1. In the overall scheme of things who are the Renew party? They are a tiny political party, probably less than 1000 members nationally. It is nice for them to stand down for us. But that is probably very easy for them to do as they would struggle to find anyone to stand anyway. And if anyone did stand they would get a small number of votes. If I were Chuka then yes I would would reach out to them in the hope they might help my campaign and if they say yes I would milk it for what it is worth. But there must be bigger stories to report on, for example how to resolve the issue of who leads the Government of National Unity, or what targets we should be setting to eliminate child poverty?

    • ‘…they would struggle to find anyone to stand anyway.’
      The tweet is a photograph of the actual Renew candidate who stood down.

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