Thank you for your support, Layla

Thank you so much Layla for these kind words:

And thank you Daisy too:

The reason for these tweets is that I’m running to be the next President of the Liberal Democrats. It’s great to have Daisy and Layla add their support to that of so many other members. Thank you!

You can find out more about what the post involves (and so, ahem, why I think I’m well suited to it) in the latest Liberal Democrat Newswire, and find out more about my plans or sign up to support the campaign at markpack.org.uk/president.

8 responses to “Thank you for your support, Layla”

  1. Dear Mark,
    We have met in Hillingdon.
    I think you would make an excellent and remarkable President of the
    Liberal Democrats.
    Best wishes and good luck!
    Yours sincerely,

  2. mark has my vote. Cannot see the benefit of being an MP and president. Spread responsibilities around and you have a bigger team urging the party forward. Anyway Mark is the future

  3. Welcome, Mark…
    I agree the comments of Robert Sayer.
    The Liberal Democrats, with a sensible mix of inclusive policies, strategy
    and smart tactics, have a great future. The hard media, still doubters, are
    becoming less influential… not undeservedly, given their track record…
    The new, soft, electric media is becoming ever more taken seriously from
    what we used to call the grassroots. You are the sort of guy to harness it!
    Best wishes,

  4. I first met Mark when he helped elect Phil Willis as MP for Harrogate in 1997 he has done amazing things for our Party ever since. We need a President who can devote all their time and energy to the role. He is the right person for this important role.
    Cllr. Richard Good Richmond Yorkshire

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