What do Tom Brake and Catherine Bearder have in common?

In case you missed it last week, here’s the second (and final) of my messages sent out by party HQ to members for the Party President election. Polls close at 5pm on Friday 8 November and elections@libdems.org.uk can assist if you’ve not yet had your ballot.

What do Tom Brake MP, our Brexit spokesperson, and Catherine Bearder MEP, leader of our MEPs, have in common?

They’re both great champions of our European beliefs.

Both Tom Brake and Catherine Bearder also back me to be our next Party President.

To battle for Britain’s role in Europe, tackle climate change, reduce the divisions in our society and serve our communities, we need to elect even more champions like Tom and Catherine.

Local government, Assemblies and Parliaments: we need to win at all levels.

We need to win even bigger than ever before.

That’s what I am offering if you choose to join Tom and Catherine, and MPs such as Layla Moran, in backing me for Party President:

This plan builds on what party conference voted for as our strategy. It turns into reality the vision for our party that Jo Swinson set out in her leadership election. It’s what I would work with you from day one to deliver.

If you elect me as your President, it will be my only party role.

I’ll be 100% focused on helping get our strategy and organisation right so that even more of us win, and we have more of that precious political power to further the aims of liberal democracy.

Watch my film to find out more.

Mark Pack talking about his plans for the Liberal Democrats

If you’ve got any questions, do drop me a line on mark.pack@libdemnewswire.com.

Best wishes,


Dr. Mark Pack, candidate for Party President


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