“Stop Brexit. Build a brighter future.” – the Lib Dem general election slogan

No prizes for having guessed that the Liberal Democrat general election slogan would feature Brexit:

Stop Brexit. Build a brighter future.

The second part, though, is crucial. As I’ve commented in many of the Party President hustings over the last couple of weeks, the Liberal Democrats are against Brexit not because we want to preserve the world as it was. Rather, we’re against Brexit because of all the improvements we want to bring – and which are best delivered by being in the European Union. Effective international cooperation to tackle climate change, for example.

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10 responses to ““Stop Brexit. Build a brighter future.” – the Lib Dem general election slogan”

  1. So good to hear some positive reasons for staying in Europe rather than bolloacks ot Brexit. The British people need more than ever now to hear the reasons why staying in would be better for them. The whole reason Brexit won was because no-one presented the case for staying in clearly. I’ve said before we need to hear about a A BETTER DEAL TO STAY IN rather than the bad deal to leave . I would love the chance to ask the EU how we could present our relationship with them to the British people in a fresh way. I have many ideas such as bringing some form of health insurance for new comers who have as yet to contribute to our health system. Controls on our high streets so that they dont look like Eastern European suburbs- encourage entrepreneurs but with care and consideration to keep the local high streets looking British and in keeping with their past history. This would be pleasing to the sort of folks for example in towns like Peterborough and Spalding who have lost their identity and hence voted to leave.
    We also need to reach out big time to the student population………

  2. I have heard that the 2 ‘boys’ do not want to have a debate with ‘girl swat’. All we will get is 2 versions of Brexit and promises to the moon and back.At EVERY opportunity ,we and Jo must point out that there is an alternative to Brexit but it is being silenced by the big 2. A 3 way debate should be aimed for.

  3. After many months of voters being told what they want, we now have the chance of voicing our opinion. A little bit difficult in Great Grimsby, Farage and Johnson are targeting this Labour held seat. It seems voting for Labour as a LibDem will give us a chance to remain.

  4. Sorry Tina
    Voting Labour will just get us Brexit.
    If 3 parties are targeting the Leave vote in your area they will split the vote. This give Lib Dems the chance to slip through the middle. Only way to stop Brexit is to vote Lib Dem

  5. My choice would have been

    Bin Brexit, keep the UK
    The threat to the UK is something that many feel strongly about.

    • Of course the others don’t dare to face a public debate between the 3 party leaders: Jo would make mincemeat of `old boy’ Boris, full of bluster but weak on arguments; and of Jeremy, trying to defend the fact that Labour haven’t got a policy yet but promise to thrash one out at a party meeting some time.
      And I think it’s the first time in history that we’ve had an election with one party campaigning for a policy that they admit would make us all poorer.

  6. Not “MAKE IT STOP!”? Make it clear to people that Brexit isn’t going to be over if Johnson’s deal passes – it’ll go on for years.

  7. ‘Build a Brighter Future’ should still be subtitled with
    ‘Britain deserves Better’ – positive and reflective..

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