Another day, another increase in the Lib Dem vote in a by-election

Following a Tuesday and a Wednesday council by-election this week, we finally get to a normal Thursday by-election.

Bromsgrove South, Worcestershire

Josh Robinson stood for the Liberal Democrats and, I’m glad to be report, can do pointing:

He also scored a good increase in the Lib Dem vote:

These by-election results round-ups cover principal authority by-elections. See my post The danger in celebrating parish and town council wins for your own party for the reasons to avoid straying too often into covering town, parish or community council by-elections.

One response to “Another day, another increase in the Lib Dem vote in a by-election”

  1. For months the Labour vote has been down. Ours has been consistantly up. Lately the Tory vote has been on the rise. To me the GE will be Tories v Lib Dem.WE HAVE EVERYTHING TO FIGHT FOR!!!

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