BBC: party leaders Question Time audience contained almost no Lib Dems

It’s fair to say that the Question Time audience last night for the party leader slots last night didn’t seem to show much warmth to the Liberal Democrats.

And that’s because, Alex Cole-Hamilton has tweeted, the BBC choose to make it that way. More specifically, the BBC ‘balanced’ the audience based on the number of MPs each party has in the House of Commons, rather than – say – the party’s current levels of political support. Or (as is done in some TV debates overseas, and which would be my preferred option) making up the audience of undecided voters.

That meant only about 3% of the audience was meant to be Lib Dem.

As Alex Cole-Hamilton pointed out when highlighting this:

UPDATE: The BBC’s line on the make-up of the audience seems to be evolving in an opaque way, with other reports now saying it was based on an unspecified mix of current MPs and vote share last time. That too would result in an overwhelmingly non-Lib Dem audience – and so an important point to bear in mind either way about audience reactions.

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