The very different reactions of Remainers and Leavers to Jo Swinson

Jo Swinson being filmed on a smartphone - photo copyright John Russell johnrussell.zenfolio.com

There’s an instructive detail in the latest poll from YouGov about the very different reactions of Remain and Leave voters to Jo Swinson during the general election.

Has the election campaign so far made you think better or worse of Jo Swinson, or has it made no difference?

Leave voters
Made me think better of her: 5%
Made me think worse of her : 24%
Net: -19%

Remain voters
Made me think better of her: 19%
Made me think worse of her: 17%
Net: +2%

Given how firmly the Liberal Democrat pitch is being made at Remain voters, it’s the latter set of numbers which are by far the most important.

That set of numbers also matches up with the analysis Mike Smithson has done of leadership ratings in a series of pro-Remain London constituencies:

YouGov leader ratings data from London Remain constituencies


3 responses to “The very different reactions of Remainers and Leavers to Jo Swinson”

  1. Still disappointing that nearly as many Remainers think worse of her as better. I would have hoped the figures to be the reverse of those for Leavers. It doesn’t suggest that the campaign is going well.

  2. I really find it so disappointing as a staunch remainer ,the amount of remainers who just think they have to virtually concede defeat and virtually have to go along with those who voted leave because they won’t stick to their own original opinion for fear of not respecting democracy (a term so badly misuse there’s last 3 and half years ),rather than sticking to what you believe in and a s JO rightly said we all have our own views it doesn’t make anybody a bad person ,it doesn’t mean we can’t agree to disagree ,and Iam very fearful it could be a large proportion of remainers who think like this that could hand him a majority to deliver the hardest of BREXITS ,which as is clear to me will ultimately lead to a no deal which I believe has been his intention all along ,the only thing that will solve BREXIT is to stop it dead , anything else will just prolong years of uncertainty and social and economic hardship

  3. Jo has the right message, which is not best supported by her preachy, strident image – sad and unfortunate. Just have to look beyond that however. So many doubts about Boris the Untrustworthy creating real fears about an eventual no deal outcome which should encourage committed Remainers to vote tactically, whichever candidate has best chance of opposing/ unseating Brexit Tory MPs. Down to individuals in each constituency to avoid being a Brexsheep by blocking his “wolffish” intentions.

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