Mixed fortunes for parties from five new constituency polls

Polling station - Photo by twoshortplanks on Foter com CC BY-SA
Photo by twoshortplanks on Foter.com / CC BY-SA.

This week Deltapoll has ventured outside of London for its constituency polls, with five from across other parts of England.

For Labour, its vote is down in four but up in the one it has the most hopes of winning. For the Lib Dems, beating Dominic Raab looks a very real prospect, though the Portsmouth South polling is disappointing. The others polls, though, point towards the increase in the Lib Dem vote since 2017 being very concentrated into its strongest areas – a sign of the potential for gaining seats if the party can rise further in them. As for the Conservatives, the party’s performance up against independents is looking strong but the risk to Dominic Raab will also raise the question of how many other strongly Remain areas are at threat of loss too.


Dominic Grieve looks like the ex-Conservative candidate with the best chance of winning, though he’s still some margin off doing so:


Esher and Walton

Monica Harding looks to have a strong chance to oust Dominic Raab with this poll matching other previous evidence:

Portsmouth South

A result at odds with the previous constituency poll:

South West Hertfordshire

You can find all the constituency polls published so far here.

2 responses to “Mixed fortunes for parties from five new constituency polls”

  1. Overall we seem to have dropped four or five percent since the start of the campaign, but I’m starting to get the impression from constituency polls that we might be dropping more in target seats than in non-target seats.

  2. I fear Friday 13th will be a another day of mourning. Reckon our seat tally will be 8 – 13, our leader appears to have lost some of her mojo in the wake of what has happened and if I am correct we must face very difficult questions regarding organisation, leadership[ and strategy. One iuummediate question, why are totaly hopeless seats spending and asking for more money, putting out leaflets and canvassing instead of going to a target seat? More money than ever, more members than ever, hopes higher than ever and yet come the moment we may well be yet again, disappointed more than ever.
    Really hope I am wrong but………….

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