All 455 national voting intention polls from the 2017-19 Parliament: latest PollBase is out

With the end of another quarter, another update to PollBase, my database of British voting intention opinion polls since 1943 is now up. It includes all 455 national voting intention polls from the last Parliament (or rather 454 plus one possible-tweeted-but-not-otherwise-confirmed YouGov poll).

Aside from another three months of data, this update includes:

  • Notes on whether past Survation polls were UK or Great Britain-wide. Most pollsters carry out their voting intention polls on the latter basis, i.e. excluding Northern Ireland. However, Survation usually polls on a UK basis. Thank you to Damian Lyons Lowe for helping me with these updates.
  • Previously missing Survation polls from May 2014 and June 2016.
  • Additional details and a correction regarding the final pre-general election polls from Survation in 2015 along with corrected fieldwork dates for a November 2017 and a June 2018 Survation poll.


P.S. For the very latest polls, see my polling scorecard.

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I release a new edition of PollBase once a quarter, both adding in the new national voting intention polls from the last quarter and also improving the older data, such as filling in gaps and making some of the columns clearer.

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