Latest PollBase is out, with all the voting intention polls since the general election

With the end of another quarter, another update to PollBase, my database of British voting intention opinion polls since 1943 is now up.

In addition to the another three months of polls, this update includes:

  • Seven Marplan polls from 1968-1970 previously missing from historic polling datasets.
  • Several small additions and corrections to information about polls close to general election polling day in Parliaments up to the 1970 general election.


P.S. For the very latest polls, see my polling scorecard.

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I release a new edition of PollBase once a quarter, both adding in the new national voting intention polls from the last quarter and also improving the older data, such as filling in gaps and making some of the columns clearer.

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One response to “Latest PollBase is out, with all the voting intention polls since the general election”

  1. When it comes to polling I can understand the leaders listening to how good they are for us (100 seats) but they are their to worry about the true picture and that entails listening to other polls that say different (Peterboro results poll) and getting the facts.ALL polls have to be considered to get a true picture.
    We have to build bridges with ALL opposition parties to fight the next election.

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