Never Mind the Bar Charts Season 1 Finale: an interim elections post-mortem

In the final episode of season one, Mark and Stephen pick over the general election result, another less important election result and the plans for Season 2 of Never Mind The Bar Charts:

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4 responses to “Never Mind the Bar Charts Season 1 Finale: an interim elections post-mortem”

  1. Thanks for this Mark – I do hope your new role allows you the time and space to focus on how we can increase our membership amongst the younger generation. When I go to our local meetings I cannot help but notice that we – how can I put this tactfully- tend to be somewhat “one careful owner but high mileage/dodgy bodywork “. I (71 but could pass for 70) benefited from an inter-generational bargain where my parents had been born in the 1920’s,fought a war in the 1940’s and therefore knew what deprivation meant. I remember sub-standard housing – if fact, my first home is still standing, still occupied and still sub-standard. There was a benevolent conspiracy to ensure that what my parents generation had gone through as children and young adults must not happen again. Housing, education, medical provision – all expanded to fit and opportunity became commonplace rather than reserved. We need to get that bargain front and centre.

  2. I agree with Bob Robinson.
    But to fix it all? Attract young people?
    Just be clear on what the part wants to do.
    “A fairer society for all.” Is meaningless. It’s a platitude.
    “Spend billions on climate change.” Waste of breath. Better to say.
    “Electric buses on every route. Within two years.”
    Etc etc. Tell people what the Lib Dem’s stand for. You’ve got four years to get it right.
    Stop trying to convert people. Convince them instead.

  3. Agree with Robert, add to that ‘all power generation to be from renewables by..’ ‘stop importing fossil fuels by…’. Make it illegal to sell or let a property that doesn’t have a ‘c’ or above rating, and provide grants to enable owners to upgrade, all new development to have solar panels/ground-source heat pumps..etc.. etc.. etc. The Technology is there, lets get out of the clutches of the fossil fuel companies… But what chance now this lot are in charge..??

  4. Keep the faith Lib Dems…..our support is growing but the FPTP system holds us back. I am looking forward to being a thorn in the side of the Conservatives and will wait and see just how many promises are broken. I have the “i” double page spreadsheet of all the promises we can tick off over the next ten years! It’s on my toilet wall….Happy Christmas lovely people…..

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