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Bad News : What the Headlines Don’t Tell Us

Out in March is my next book, this time taking a look at how to make sense of the news all around us:

Bad News is a popular guide that helps you make sense of the news wherever it appears – print, broadcast or online.

Peppered with examples from around the world, the book turns a serious subject into an enjoyable read.

You will learn as you are entertained. Readers will discover all the tricks they need to work out whether to trust a story based on an anonymous source, when big numbers are really small and when small numbers are really big, why you should ignore what appears behind someone on the TV and much more.

You’ll even learn why you should always read stories in the Daily Mail backwards and when correlation is causation.

But readers will also learn how ill-suited the news is to understanding and interpreting the modern world, even when it comes from honest journalists working for reputable outlets.

The news has a role, but readers will learn how to ensure they don’t confuse that with understanding the world.

It’ll be available both in print and as an e-book for Kindle. You can pre-order from Hive, BiteBack or Amazon.


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