Ed Davey’s Christmas message: “I’ve got three big tasks this Christmas”

Here is this year’s Christmas message from the Liberal Democrats, presented by Ed Davey, currently joint interim leader of the party:

Happy Christmas! I’ve got three big tasks this Christmas.

First, my daughter’s present. Ellie wrote to Father Christmas with her present wish list.

The good news was Santa collected her letter. And he ate the mince pie!
Although he did leave some tell-tale crumbs.

The bad news is I now have to get Santa to bring three live unicorns.

It’s my own fault – I bought Ellie this snow globe unicorn last year.

But I’m not sure where to start looking for a live unicorn.

So I’m thinking of ringing the Prime Minister. Apparently Mr Johnson does a good line in unicorns.

But my second task is easier. To celebrate my own birthday. I wasn’t born in a stable – my mum had me, at home, at ten past eight Christmas morning 1965.

Apparently my dad cooked the Christmas lunch. And my mum ate seconds.

And afterwards, they all watched the Queen’s Speech – her Majesty’s Christmas message.

It’s been broadcast in the afternoon for a few decades now.

And in case you didn’t know, this year – like last year – it’s on at 3pm.

My third task is the most important however.

It’s to celebrate the real message of Christmas.

As a Christian, for me, it’s all about hope. And joy. And love.

What could possibly represent hope, joy and love better – than a new born baby.

When I held my first child, in the crook of my arm in Kingston Hospital, just minutes after he’d been born, that was the first time I really understood how my own father and mother must have loved me.

So you don’t actually have to believe in Jesus to recognise that for Christians, Christmas has a deep, profound meaning.

It’s why we light candles.

It’s why we remember that even in those dark days – when King Herod was willing to slaughter thousands of new born babies just to hold onto power, and forced the Holy Family to become refugees and asylum seekers – even then, hope, joy and love were possible.

Jesus went on to teach – and to teach ideas and values that still speak powerfully to us today.

Perhaps my favourite is this. “Love Thy Neighbour As Thyself”

So this Christmas – let’s have hope. And joy. And love.

And let’s love all our neighbours. Even those who believe in unicorns.

And thank goodness that William Gladstone was wrong about Christmas.

9 responses to “Ed Davey’s Christmas message: “I’ve got three big tasks this Christmas””

  1. A superb Christmas message with whit humour and humanity celebrating 2 great events, you and Christ. Happy Christmas all.

  2. This Christmas Message from Sir Ed is so great that its words and salient Yuletide observations ought to feature in a bespoke Chritmas Card in 2020.Therein lies the rub of the Genie Lamp as much as we would like to, we cannot magically wish away Bojo in the New Year.What a shame! The sincerity of Sir Ed`s Christmas Message behoves that the new L/D Leader has to be resilient and manifest to fight back and albeit that honour,sacrifice and public service is all too often not seen to be what makes the difference to voters ! If so,ther would be massive L/D majority! Few achieve L/D immortality and late Paddy Ashdown is a template that all young recruits must also follow to the step and drum beat of liberty,tolerance and humanity.A Very Happy Christmas!

  3. Ed that is charming and personally felt. So personally received .Thank you and may next year reveal how we can move forward in love and hope. Enjoy Christmas tide.a very antique Liberal. Anne x

  4. Happy Christmas to all my LibDem friends.
    Its been a wonderful journey campaigning for the party.
    Lets hope 2020 is one of love and peace even with unicorns at the helm!

    • Only one -ism narrows the field. Surely not what liberalism is about. Rejecting a candidate for the General Election because of his beliefs isn’t liberal and forcing out a leader because of his beliefs isn’t liberal either.

  5. Thank you Ed for your message we are with what you said. Just want to say to you God bless you and thank you for your dreams will be with you in prayer and any support we can do. Kirstins guide dog love you after meeting in Leeds.

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