Mark Pack

David Hughes passes away

David Hughes, chair of Western Counties Liberal Democrats and English Party treasurer, died suddenly yesterday at the party’s English Council meeting in London.

He had just made a powerful contribution about lessons from the general election, and although paramedics arrived within minutes of his collapse, they sadly were not able to save him.

I’d left the meeting earlier in the day and can only imagine how shocking it must have been for those in the room.

A party activist for many decades, David had many friends across the party and helped the party in many ways. I worked with him for three years on the party’s Federal Finance and Resources Committee, during which time he deserves huge credit for being the first to spot problems with the financial figures coming to us. Those sorts of skills don’t grab the headlines but they do make a huge difference to the party.

Many condolences to David’s family and sympathy to those who were with him at the meeting.