How to get more members and supporters active: the Lib Dem Boost Guide

Just as we saw in the first half of last year, recovery for the Liberal Democrats has to start with our grassroots. That’s the route to building a sustainable and broad political force that can effectively battle for liberalism.

As American politics is particularly in the news at the moment, the example of Marco Rubio of what happens when you try to be a star on the national stage without the right grassroots support, is a good one to remember.

Which makes it particularly good news that an excellent new guide for Liberal Democrat local parties on getting more members, supporters and donors involved and active is now available.

The Boost Guide, in the words of outgoing Federal People Development Committee chair Miranda Roberts is designed to help the party hit its potential this year:

2020 has enormous potential for us.

We need to make the most of that – and now is a great time to build up your local party by activating more of your members.

That’s why we’re releasing the Boost Guide. We’ve worked with and learnt from some of our most successful local parties and activists. We’ve taken their best ideas and top tips, and distilled them into a handy guide for you.

From the mechanics of how to find your member data, through to running better events and more, it’s a definitive manual on how to broaden your engagement and activate more members. The guide has tips and strategies that will work for every size of local party.

We’ve paid particular attention to giving you help on making your local party more inclusive. We’re stronger when we invite a diverse range of people in, bringing new ideas and energy.

Particular thanks are due to Miranda, Claire Halliwell and Mary Regnier-Wilson for their work in pulling together this essential guide.

Read the Liberal Democrat Boost Guide in full here.

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One response to “How to get more members and supporters active: the Lib Dem Boost Guide”

  1. I agree with what you say about the essential need to have a strong grassroots organisation in order to be able to win.

    Why then did so many of our supposed Target Seats last year not have such an organisational/grassroots capability? Why pour so much national money and effort into so many seats that lacked the capability to fight an effective ground campaign? Who took that decision?

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