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A new radio station a day… today it’s Radio X

I’ve always liked the view from my desk at home. But I think I’m going to really treasure it over the next few weeks. Being able to see several trees, the cheeky squirrels after the bird food and the dashes of yellow as nature gets on with its year will end up meaning so much more.

Right at the start of the day, things are also wonderfully silent even though I’m sat in the middle of a huge city. Silent except for the chirping of the birds.

The rest of the day, that silence could end up feeling very different. So I’m going to try listening to a new radio station every day. Or rather have a new one on quietly in the background to fill those silences. And who knows, I might discover a new favourite or that there’s one I’ve never listened to because I’ve judged it wrongly.

So is bookmarked, and today it’s Radio X, complete with Egghead Roulette.



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