Success for Steve Webb’s campaign on women pensions (UPDATED)

Another day, another Liberal Democrat MP in the Daily Mail.

Following Jo Swinson’s appearance on the issue of (un)equal pay for women, this time it is Steve Webb:

Tens of thousands of women who gave up work to raise children are in line for a pension windfall of around £3,000.

The Government has caved in to demands to close a loophole which meant stay-at-home mothers missed out on credits that would boost their pensions.

Ministers have pledged to trawl through masses of social security records dating back to the 1970s to pinpoint how many women are owed money…

Liberal Democrat MP Steve Webb, who has campaigned on the issue, said: “Far too many women are still living on a woefully inadequate pension.

“What is especially shocking is that in some cases they should be getting far more but the system is letting them down.

“I welcome the fact that now we have alerted the Government to these problems, officials are going to identify thousands of women and pay them a decent pension for the first time.”

You can read the full story and post a comment on it on the Daily Mail site.

UPDATE: Steve Webb himself has written an interesting blog posting about how it took a different style of campaigning from the traditional ‘Focus-through-the-letterbox’ approach to make progress on this issue.

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