Councillor switches to Liberal Democrats in Buckinghamshire

Cllr Mark Titterington, Conservatives turned Independent Conservative councillor in Buckinghamshire, has now joined the Liberal Democrats.

He explained:

We are living in a time of profound social, economic, and environmental change which is impacting upon the lives of everyone. To have embarked therefore on the folly of Brexit in such times, and without anywhere near enough preparation in the run-up to and following the 2016 referendum, was reckless in the extreme. The fact that this was done to solve a mainly internal problem in the Conservative Party was doubly irresponsible.

It was for this reason, and the continuing failure to face reality and act with pragmatism in the negotiations with the European Union, which led me to resign
from the Party last October. The shameful scenes in the House of Commons at that time also made clear to me that I no longer shared the values of the Party or
its leadership, (even though there are many former colleagues in the Party that I greatly respect and am sorry to have left behind).

Of course, since then the challenges for our country have only intensified. One looks around and sees so much to admire and be thankful for in our country, not least for our marvellous and selfless public servants, particularly in the NHS.

It also encouraged me to look again at my own political values, which were always on the very left of the Conservative Party, and I came to the conclusion that
today I have a much stronger affinity with progressive social liberalism – using appropriate government intervention to tackle a range of economic and social issues, such as poverty, inequality, healthcare, education, and climate change, whilst at the same time respecting the rights and autonomy of the individual.

It is for these reasons, and the Party’s principled and justified stance on the UK’s relationship with the European Union, that I am delighted to have been able
to join the Liberal Democrats. I’ve been made very welcome and am looking forward to working with all my new colleagues in the Party as well as serving our
residents in Buckinghamshire on the new Council.

Welcoming him to the party, Walid Marzouk, chair of Chiltern Liberal Democrats, said:

Mark has served his community with hard work, commitment and dedication for many years and is a most welcome addition to the Liberal Democrats. Anyone thinking that the local Liberal Democrats peaked at the General Election 2019 should think again!

Welcome, Mark.

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3 responses to “Councillor switches to Liberal Democrats in Buckinghamshire”

  1. This is really good news, we need to make sure our partyexpreses ideas and policies that will appeal to good people like Mark.

  2. Mark T expresses the position of the Liberal Democrats so well. His wording ‘using appropriate government intervention to tackle a range of economic and social issues, whilst at the same time respecting the rights and autonomy of the individual’ should be noted and quoted widely.

  3. Should be heard by all Lib/Dems. Although a lot of it is understood already – there is more to learn from it.

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