Daisy Cooper not running for Liberal Democrat leadership

Daisy Cooper

The Liberal Democrat MP for St Albans has issued a statement saying she won’t be running for party leader in the contest starting this June:

Daisy Cooper statement on Lib Dem leadership

She joins Christine Jardine, who at the end of last month also ruled herself out.

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6 responses to “Daisy Cooper not running for Liberal Democrat leadership”

  1. Daisy’s decision is eminently sensible.
    She is a first term MP from St. Albans, where the continued best interests of her
    constituants and re-election prospects too, rightfully are priorities.
    The next election will be crucial for the Liberal Democrats, and I have
    the feeling that continuity of the existing co-Leadership, could be highly desirable…

  2. I think Daisy Cooper is great and hold her in very high regard, even more so following this extremely wise decision. Not only is she a first term MP but in a constituency that we hadn’t won in 116 years. It will be a huge challenge to defend this seat at the next election without the pro-Remain alliance that Daisy was able to build. With a huge target on her back and less time to focus on constituency work as leader, this would have been even more challenging. Two leaders losing their seat in successive elections would be a blow to our credibility that we might never recover from. I wish Daisy all the best and hope that she will consider standing in the future. In the meantime, her time is best spent showing the people of St Albans the huge benefits of having a Liberal Democrat MP.

  3. I am sorry to hear that Daisy will not be standing, but I do completely understand her reasons, she would and still might make an excellent leader. I am very concerned that those mainly responsible for the position, where we now find ourselves, will continue to lead our party into a Cul de Sac of irrelevance. We need a bright new leader to take us to viable position in British politics.

  4. I saw Daisy speak at conference several times and was impressed by her each time, so agree with Richard.
    STRONGLY disagree with Nicholas, the sooner the current co-leadership ends the better. If Ed is to be leader(hopefully not), at least let it be by democratic process.

  5. Daisy has made the right decision. For all the obvious and correct reasons. The Party will have a narrow choice of candidates for leader, it has often been thus. (Pardoe-v- Steel) springs to mind. With a narrow field it is incumbent upon the Candidates to set out a vision which is both Liberal and Democratic. Hopefully they will recognise the strength of building a party from the bottom up not top down. There is also a responsibility upon party members to show some restraint in the comments they direct at the candidates. Comments should not be personal and should avoid sowing seeds of division. We will all (hopes for or hopefully nots) how they are communicated is important, if we are to have a mature contest which builds rather than damages the morale of party members and wider supporters.

  6. I agree with Nicholas (though I don’t think that phrase will catch on).

    By ruling herself out Daisy shows far greater leadership potential.

    If Mr Davey is reading this, there are a growing number of members would like you to stand.

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