Improving replies to party members and supporters

Front page of Liberal Democrat website June 2020
Responding properly – and in a timely fashion – to queries from Liberal Democrat members, supporters and the public is important, both locally and nationally. The record of how email queries sent in from party members have been handled over the years is, frankly, rather patchy. More than one person told me last year that they voted for me in the President contest simply because I’d replied to their email.

There are many aspects to this, including emails that go to MPs, HQ, other staff and other volunteers, with a shortage of resources repeatedly part of the story. At HQ, progress has already been made behind the scenes, such as with regular performance statistics now being monitored so that if there is a build-up of a big backlog, people will know in good time and be able to shift resources or make other decisions as appropriate.

One of the more visible changes is the new ‘Support’ pop-up button on the front page of the main party website which, along with the recently overhauled contact page, is designed to more easily direct queries to the right place. Behind the scenes, things are integrated with new software to help handle, track and evaluate how responses are going.

It’s the best way to send in queries, and as well as using it yourself, please do encourage others to use it. (If you’re wanting to get hold of me in my role as Party President, details and options are here.)

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