PODCAST – Making the Lib Dems win more elections, with Cllr Lisa Smart

Lisa Smart talking with a police officer

How must the Liberal Democrats change in order to win more often? Listen to me discuss this with Lisa Smart, chair of the party’s Federal Communications and Elections Committee (FCEC)  in the latest episode of Never Mind The Bar Charts.

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One response to “PODCAST – Making the Lib Dems win more elections, with Cllr Lisa Smart”

  1. The British state is very centralised. The Liberal democrats must promise to replace this centralised system with a devolved powers federal system. The 2nd house in London must be made up of reps from the regional states.
    My experience is that if de-centralisation does not follow soon then there will be a Scottish independence vote. Then we, in Wales will have no choice but to go for full independence (within the EU?) as our only option.
    Possibly the card of independence could be used as a bargaining demand to force through reform to a federal system.

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