Former Green Party councillor joins Liberal Democrats in Lewes

Following news of an independent councillor joining the party in Mendip, there is news of another.

This time it is Councillor Sean MacLeod, who was originally elected for the Greens before joining the independent group on the council. He has now switched* to the Liberal Democrats.

Sean MacLeod said:

I have decided to join the Lib Dems for a number of reasons, my passion is around mental health and I think the Lib Dems policy around this far outweighs any set out by other parties.

I like the fact they are looking at a New Zealand approach focusing on the wellbeing of a nation. Locally I am great friends with many within the party and for me personally I feel comfortable around them which is important for my mental health condition and the fact I feel comfortable around them says a lot.

Since I have left the Green Party I didn’t really know what i was going to do, I have been supported hugely by a number of councillors from all colours of the political spectrum, but my friendships with a number of the Lib Dem members has just continued to grow.

For me personally this is the right move, and it’s not been a quick decision and I’ve talked long and hard with people around this. I’m really looking forward to continuing to work hard for local residents as a Lib Dem councillor.

James MacCleary, Leader of the Liberal Democrat group on Lewes District Council, added:

We are delighted to welcome Sean to our group and to our party. We are growing strongly as a party locally with more members and an excellent performance in December’s General Election where we came so close to defeating the Conservatives.

Sean is a passionate and committed campaigner who will make a fantastic addition to the Lib Dem team on the council.


* Yes, rule 2(b) applies.


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