Promising signs of Lib Dem member engagement with leadership race

From my last mini-survey come promising signs of party members being more engaged with the current leadership contest than the last one:

Participation in hustings in last Liberal Democrat leaderhip contest - bar chart

Intended participation in hustings in Liberal Democrat leaderhip contest - bar chart

Of course, those responding to this survey are likely to be more active than the typical party member. So the key point is the big difference in answers about the last contest and the current one, rather than the absolute numbers.

For more information about the planned hustings, and to join the party in time to vote for the next party leader, see the party website.

More news will be coming shortly about how party members can get involved in nominating candidates.


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2 responses to “Promising signs of Lib Dem member engagement with leadership race”

  1. Whoever wins apart from getting feed back on the doorstep of the voter re policies etc the problem s of the young will have to be addressed. The replacement of erasmus, how generous will it be? .The development of new jobs?,Some that have not yet been thought of which can come from innovation. I remember Reliant 3 wheelers and Sinclair C5 electric 3 wheeler. With increase in battery development less tax on them (or non) as a 1st car for the young is a possibility (or single couples). There is already talk of legalising electric scooters for transport. Basically thinking OUT of the box. Innovating. After the virus the economy will need to create to stay viable.

  2. agree with N Hunter about innovation, but pleeaase NOT those horrid three-wheeled contraptions, which were/are rightly ridiculed. A danger to their occupants and to other road-users. Three wheeled vehicles should be banned from the roads. we should be moving forwards not back. Build Back Better.!

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