PODCAST – What we can learn from Republicans campaigning against Donald Trump

Laura Shields and Dirk Singer, communications consultants, members of Democrats Abroad and authors of an excellent piece “Swimming with the sharks: What progressives can learn from Republicans Against Trump” join me for the latest episode of Never Mind The Bar Charts.

You may recall an earlier show had Rob Blackie on talking about what the party can learn from how Trump himself communicates. This time with Laura and Dirk, the show looks at what can be learnt from those campaigning against Trump.

Feedback very welcome, and do share this podcast with others who you think may enjoy it.

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One response to “PODCAST – What we can learn from Republicans campaigning against Donald Trump”

  1. Really excellent podcast about a fascinating subject. Great questions (eg relevancy/lessons from Lincoln Project tactics beyond the US elections) and very knowledgeable, fluent guests.

    Take-homes for me: loading your gun with ammo supplied by the opposition is a really effective in shooting em down (something Starmer seems to be doing over here in PMQs with Johnson); speed is everything; don’t take a feather duster to a gun-fight; be prepared to return fire if necessary; forget about making key campaign decisions based on 25 chin-strokers locked in the Ideas Yurt for a week. Can’t help thinking that more people can name individual right-wing campaign masterminds – eg Crosby, Rove, Cummings – than their left/liberal counterparts).

    Anyhow, 45 mins well spent; will give it a second listen to get more out of it.

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