Ed Davey versus Layla Moran: The Times Radio debate

Alongside a variety of different formats for official party hustings, for the Liberal Democrat party leadership election we’ve also been encouraging those outside the party to put the candidates through their paces in different ways.

One of the resulting appearances was a half-hour debate on the new Times Radio, hosted by Matt Chorley. His previous criticisms of the attitude towards the media shown by some Lib Dem MPs of the time had a lot of merit.

Listen to hear what he makes of the two currently vying to be the party’s most prominent MP as they discuss, amongst other things, whether the Lib Dems should campaign for Britain to rejoin the EU, how woke the party should be and favourite past leaders:


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2 responses to “Ed Davey versus Layla Moran: The Times Radio debate”

  1. Interesting point, that Ed has been acting leader longer than Jo was our actual leader…
    In all this time Ed has made no impact on the wider public, whereas, for better or worse, Jo was known widely. His years and experience count for nothing in that perspective, if he is not known then what he a says and does isn’t relevant. He is male, pale and stale… he always was..

  2. The opening sentence of a sales pitch is what the punters will remember and political leaders have to sell. Ed’s opening line is woolly in saying he wants to beat the Tories. Layla’s positive referring to the party’s decline, that renewal is necessary. She then sets out her core issues Education, Environment and Economy. Nearly a year after the recent GE we shouldn’t be losing ground in the polls down to single digits and our leader has to be making an impact with the electorate.

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