Learning something new about Layla Moran and Ed Davey: the Matt Forde interviews

Liberal Democrat Leadership Election - banner showing party members

Back in May, I was tagged in a request about the Liberal Democrat leadership contest and one of my favourite podcasts

A couple of tweets and a reply from the brilliant Matt Forde himself later, and a plan was on the way to being hatched. Having the candidates for leader of the Liberal Democrats be interviewed in-depth on his excellent and very popular Political Party podcast.

And now those interviews have come to be, adding to the different ways in which the candidates are being put through their paces this time around.

As fans of his podcast will know, Matt Forde’s interviewing style is a gentle rather than an abrasive one. But he does it well, pulling out more revealing answers than many would-be Jeremy Paxmans get from relentless attempted gotchas. I learnt something new about both candidates from these.

So do take a listen and enjoy…

Layla Moran

Ed Davey

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