Reporting back to members: read the latest reports

Here’s my latest report from the party website:

The booklet of party reports for our autumn conference has now been published. It has been an unprecedented year and your help in keeping the party going through those challenges is greatly appreciated.

These reports give you updates on everything from how conference is run to the latest on our policy-making process, the state of our finances, the working of our complaints system and the Federal Board’s work on your behalf.

As part of our program of improvements to how the party is run, the booklet includes reports from a wider range of party bodies than has been traditional. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to these reports and to expanding their range. It is a small, but I hope useful, step in improving our internal accountability and so giving more meaning to our internal democracy.

You don’t have to register for conference to read the booklet and please do pop me any questions at president@libdems.org.uk. But if you do register for conference (and I hope you will!), you’ll get the chance to take part in several report back sessions where you can hear the latest updates to several of the reports in the booklet, ask questions about them and vote on whether or not you are happy with them.

I hope to see as many of you as possible during our first virtual conference and look forward to hearing your views.

Listen to the Liberal Democrats and British politics being discussed by myself and a wide range of experts from inside and outside the party on my podcast, Never Mind The Bar Charts.

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