Highlights from the first day at the Lib Dem virtual party conference

Mark Pack speaking at the Lib Dem 2020 virtual conference
Speaking from the conference hub in our London HQ.

Our first ever virtual Liberal Democrat federal party conference kicked off today.

Here are some of the highlights from what went down on day one, starting off with how good the attendance figures are and then an interview with our Welsh leader, Jane Dodds.

If you like what you read below, there’s still time to register for the rest of conference.


For the news from day two of Liberal Democrat conference, take a look here.

3 responses to “Highlights from the first day at the Lib Dem virtual party conference”

  1. The big plus is obviously that many people can attend who could not have attended the physical autumn conference. The numbers are good and the standard of debate on focussed debates – like UBI and Federal UK – is high. I found the Party Strategy discussion very disappointing, on-screen and in Chat, the same familiar points over and over. I think face to face is better at that sort of thing. The organisation has clearly been very good and some features like the vote buttons work very well.

    On the minus side, I’ve had periodic technical problems which completely ruined the Working with Labour event and I could not find Conference Daily till too late for a couple of things: in fact, I found it via your separate email, Mark! We should not need to access a separate web address for this: it should be a tab on the Homepage. Of course, the buzz is not the same and actually I’ve found it quite stressful: instead of going on a super-active holiday away from normal cares, I’m leaping from Hoptin to other tasks and back. I hope the first-time attendees who could go to a physical conference do when (if) they happen again.

    • I’m unable to go to Conference these days because I suffer from a chronic illness, so I really appreciate being able to join in this virtual conference. It’s so well organised and relatively easy to use so a huge thank you to those who made it possible.
      I hope it can carry on being an option in the future.

  2. It is as near to a normal conference as it could possibly be. Even the chance meetings with members from elsewhere in the coffee room or corridor are duplicated here. Very well done to all those who have put this together.

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