The neglected problem with Sasha Swire’s diaries

The diaries of Sasha Swire, wife of former Conservative MP Hugo Swire, have attracted a lot of attention and several lengthy book reviews. But one point has been mostly missing from them:

It’s not particularly a partisan point, as reviews in both The Spectator and The Observer omit mentions of such references. It may be that with a 500+ page book, the reviews are not based on the book being closely read. But even so, it’s not a good world where a book can get reviews without such elements of it even being mentioned.


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2 responses to “The neglected problem with Sasha Swire’s diaries”

  1. Totally agree with your remarks. It’s hardly surprising that certain political parties find it problematic, or are unwilling, to tackle such institutionalised prejudice. Perhaps they and their Press collaborators should, however, do so, before assaulting the lower-hanging fruit of our cricket and football organisations.

  2. I’ve bought the book but I haven’t read much of it yet. It’s quite nauseating at times. “Bertie Wooster does politics” might be a good subtitle except that these people really are running the country. Sarah Swire apologises for stitching up her husband but her editor Richard Beswick has stitched her up big time. She claims that being a woman gives her some distance and perspective on the antics of these aristo play-politicians but every paragraph reveals how she shares and nurtures their shallowness and irresponsibility.

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