Ending child detention for immigration purposes: time for a bit of PR analysis

Today was due to see the announcement of government plans to end child detention for immigration purposes. A move very popular with many Liberal Democrats, but also heartily resisted by some civil servants, the delay in the announcement has caused some to speculate on what this means for the coalition.

There are two explanations and the pessimistic one is that the delay signifies failure to agree within government on ending such detention.

However, there is also a rather more positive one – which is that with lots of other political news to take the headlines (such as the inflation figures and the tuition fees votes in the Lords), if you’ve got good news to announce, now is not a good day to do so. There will be politically much quieter days later in the week.

Which is right? My money is on the later – and we’ll find out soon enough if I’m right or wrong.

UPDATE: I was right.


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