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Pizza Express: Upper Street, Islington, London

Pizza Express in Upper Street, Islington is a good choice of venue if you like rectangles, boxes and oblongs, for it is one of the boxy rather than curvy Pizza Express interiors.

It also has unusual signage for the toilets (different style and pictograms from any other Pizza Express I’ve been to – prompting the question why this one has branched out with its own line of plumbing-related information provision) and also probably the grottiest staircase down to the toilets I’ve seen in a Pizza Express.┬áIt also has a remarkably large number of closed doors in the walls.

In one crucial respect, however, it is just like every other Pizza Express I’ve visited – with its own variation on what a Chocolate Glory should contain. None of the Leadenhall Pizza Express mini cones here:
Chocolate Glory, Pizza Express, Upper Street
Anyway, that’s 14 down and 114 to go (on the increasingly unlikely assumption that the total count is still accurate, but I think I’m a little way off having to worry too much about that…).

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